Kevin Chief & Rhonda Doxtator singers Aboriginal Music, First Nations Band, Native American Music, Round Dance, Pow Wow Music, Lullaby, Traditional Songs, Aboriginal Band, Love song, hand drum, Pimadiziwin Singers, First Nation Ottawa Ontario, Arboriginal Band Ottawa Ontario, First Nation Music, Aboriginal Music Pimadiziwin Singers are a duo consisting of Kevin Chief and Rhonda Doxtator who together deliver a creation of love songs through a round dance style of singing and drumming. This two disc compilation offers traditional round dance music, as well as a newly created 'lullaby' version. For the first time, Pimadiziwin Singers create romantic love songs of everlasting love, blending compassion with fun and heartfelt humour. 'Bull Rock Singers' - Menís Pow Wow Drum Group // Pow Wow Dancers - Various styles // Womenís Hand drumming // Womenís Iroquois Water Drum Group // Hoop Dancers // Drum Making Workshops // Cultural Workshops and Presentations

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